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It Doesn’t Have To Be So Hard!  Love Can Work In Your Life

by Howie Lambert, Ph.D.

Scott Peck, author of the Road Less Traveled, said, “Life is difficult.” To this I would add, “Relationships can be very difficult.” Often we unconsciously replicate with our partner both the strengths and weaknesses of our parents’ relationship without ever understanding how that happened. To successfully rise above the limitations of our parents programming, we must have a deliberate game plan. Telling ourselves that we “I not do it the way they did it is not sufficient.

Getting the Love You Want is a powerful workshop that provides couples with a “marriage manual” that can enable them to grow beyond their parent’s relationship model. This active participation workshop teaches couples what they need to know to break the cycle of faulty communication and discover a common ground for their relationship. Couples attending this workshop are taught the following skills:

  1. How to communicate differently in order to establish safety and respect in the relationship.
  2. How to make requests for changes in behavior so that both individuals grow at the same time.
  3. How to bring the fun, caring and playfulness back into your life.
  4. How to co-create the relationship of your dreams for the future.