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Did you know that over 65% of second marriages break up – often in the first two years, and many of them stepfamilies? While stepfamilies are one of the main ways that families are formed in our culture, why is it that two out of three of them fail?

Creating a new family through remarriage requires some serious teamwork for all stepfamily members, yet few new stepfamilies actually feel like a team. Remember the Brady Bunch? –– fantasy – seriously! Yet hope of being like them springs eternal.  In reality, most newly forming stepfamilies must be created anew.

It’s important to know that most adults in remarried families are not crazy, although at times, they may certainly feel like they are! Stepfamilies are not a pathology, nor are they “broken.” Stepfamily coaching is not about “fixing what’s broken,” it’s about discovering and focusing on what’s working in your relationship and in your family, and learning how to leverage these strengths in ways that will enable your stepfamily to thrive.

Suzanne and John Mariner have experienced the formidable challenges of stepfamily life first-hand, as their stepfamily formed over thirty years ago. Until now there has been no instruction manual for how to balance a couple’s needs for relational growth and intimacy, with the equally demanding needs and challenges of parenting and step-parenting relationships in stepfamilies. Drawing on over thirty years of personal and professional experience, Suzanne & John have evolved a coaching model that will provide you with the support and information you need to move your stepfamily from barely surviving to truly and joyfully thriving.

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