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The Relationship Resource Center offers counseling for individuals, couples (married or not) and families. While each client’s needs are unique and each of us has our own individual style, there are some similarities in how we work. First of all, we approach our work with a strong commitment to relating to our clients with respect and compassion. We do not see ourselves as “the experts” who analyze you and judge you. Instead we see ourselves as fellow travelers who, in our own journeys, have gained wisdom and skills that can help you on your journey.

Secondly, all of our staff have a strong theoretical and practical base in traditional psychotherapy. In addition, over the years, we have explored many new psychological theories and clinical approaches to helping people heal and grow. We have integrated those approaches that we found to be most effective into therapeutic styles that assist clients in leading happy, productive, relational lives.

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We invite you to continue your journey toward healthy, intimate relationships with yourself and others. In signing up for this work, you will be taking on some the hardest work you may ever do. Yet the rewards can be fantastic! You will become more fully alive and more deeply and passionately connected – with yourself, with others and with life!

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