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The Magic of Connection – Part 2:
From Frustration to Fulfillment!

A One Day Workshop for Committed Couples

connecting with ears and eyes

Do you feel disconnected, discouraged, or just stagnant in your relationship? Or, do you want more spark and zest from an “OK” relationship?


Saturday, May 19, 2012


9:00 AM – 5:00 PM


3035 West 25th Avenue (People House), Denver, CO


$250 per couple; ($225 if paid in full by 2 Saturdays prior to the workshop date)


Judi Spendelow, PsyD; 303.777.5058,

The workshop provides a safe, comfortable and confidential environment for partners to share personal information privately with each other. It is NOT group therapy, although there are opportunities for sharing and finding out that other couples share similar problems.


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Judi Spendelow and Mike Misgen, co-facilitators


Judi Spendelow, MSW, PsyD, Licensed Psychologist

Mike Misgen, MA, Licensed Professional Counselor


Mike and Judi share important strategies and tools for helping couples fall in love again… and again – as Jim and I did with their kind and skilled facilitation. ~ Ruth Sharon

The MoC Couples Workshop that we did was very effective in helping us clarify what was not working for us. It was a difficult process, but also cathartic and healing. Thank you, Mike and Judi, for providing the context and coaching for working through some tough territory. We still obviously have a lot more to work through, but a big chunk has been clarified & more understanding & compassion has taken its place. Crossing the Bridge is so amazing…. ~ L & M

Judi and Mike are a skillful and dynamic duo who clearly work to practice what they teach. They are an inspiration for couples who are searching for greater depth, passion and meaning in their relationship. ~ Suzanne Mariner

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