Finding Meaning When it is a Scarce Resource

Mary Simon and I were reflecting on why we are reading a book on integral philosophy and spirituality in the Salon, as well as why we believe the Salon is so important. Jurgens Habermas, an important contemporary philosopher, has said that in the time of Socrates, reason was a “scarce resource,” but in our times, MEANING is a “scarce resource!” It became very clear to us that we are all engaging in this process in part to bring more meaning, more zest to our lives and to bring a little more hope and light to a world that sorely needs it.

Time For A Rethink  - Finding Meaning when it is a scare resource

In traditional culture and society, meaning is attached to mythic stories, mythic religion, and mythic representations of reality. Modernity and the scientific method rejected all forms of myth and in the process, mostly unintentionally, disappeared meaning from modern life, except for the meaning that science could give to life. Post modernity went further and discredited the objectivity of science, so meaning took another hit. Meaning thus became a scarce resource until the dawning of Integral consciousness. Integral consciousness embraces a dramatic new scientific story of evolution and the Big Bang that allows us to make meaning of our world and our Universe again. This is very good news!

By John Mariner,
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

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