Hope For The World: Continuing to Grow in Wisdom and Compassion

A recent article in the Denver Post reported that U.S. men ranked last in life expectancy among 17 countries studied, and U.S. women ranked next to last. Particularly shocking were death rates for men and women below the age of fifty when compared with rates in other developed countries in the study.

I was reminded of the words of Robert Kegan, the eminent Harvard developmental psychologist, when he said that there is hope for the world simply because there are more people alive over 50 and 60.

elder and youth connectingIn the above study, the rate of firearm homicides for younger people in the U.S. was 20 times higher than in the other countries. Even so, assault weapons are not the only reason so many of our young people are dying. They need to have a reason for living, and they need to find meaning in their lives. They need to know that the world needs them to stay the course and that those of us who are elders will give them all the help that we can. They need to know that as they live beyond 50 and 60 and continue to grow in wisdom and compassion, they become more and more the hope for the world.

How do you feel baby boomers and teenagers may connect with each other?

By John Mariner,
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

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