Relationship Resource Center taglines

Our Philosophy

“Our goal, for ourselves and for our clients, is to develop relationships – of intimacy, equality and mutuality – with self and with others.”

The Relationship Resource Center is a community of professionals who support one another on their journey through life.

We believe that relationship, i.e. being connected with others, is an essential part of a successful, fulfilling journey. We have come to recognize that close personal relationships provide one of the most powerful and challenging opportunities for emotional and spiritual growth along the way. Therefore, our work, with individuals as well as with couples and families, is always done with attention to the importance of your connections with others.

As therapists and coaches, we believe that our role is to act as experienced, skillful, compassionate guides for our fellow travelers who come to us for help. We believe that only by doing the ongoing work of learning and growing in our own lives, can we be effective in helping our clients.

We believe that in such relationships we become more human, more fully alive, and more spiritually mature. In accomplishing this growth, we believe that we can together build a more compassionate, cooperative and truly egalitarian culture. In this way, we hope to further the evolution of the world and our human race – one person or couple at a time.