We’re writing a book!

  • After 35+ years of working together, we (Mary and John) have decided to write a book.  Now, at last, it seems time to do this.  We realize that we are a “good team” in many ways.  Without John, the visionary, we would never get started.  Without Mary,  the “closer”, we would never finish!
  • Anyway, at first, we planned to call the book, Seeking Wisdom.   More recently, we have come up with the title, Happy Misfits: Living with Wisdom, Compassion and Kindness in a Troubled World – or something like that. 
  • So, why write a book?  And, why is time?  We want to write a book because we think we have something important to say about our journey with psychotherapy as a pursuit of wisdom both for ourselves and for others. 
  • We believe that our long collaboration, including the ways our lives and work have intertwined, illuminates the psychotherapeutic journey in ways that may be useful to others embarking  on this “wisdom path.”

It seems like it’s time because both of us are in our late sixties, the Autumn of our lives.  We have grown and benefitted immensely, beyond words, from our whole-hearted participation in this work.  It is time to give back to the extent that we are able.  We are deeply grateful to our teachers and mentors.  We know that we stand on the shoulders of many of our contemporaries and pathfinders in this work to which we have devoted much of our lives.  We realize that, over the course of time, we have in turn become teachers and mentors. 

This gradual conscious evolution is “nothing special”.  It is simply the result of our seeking and learning over a long time.  We realize with Yeats that “we have been blessed and, in turn, we can bless.”  So, we dedicate this book to all seekers.  We are seekers together and this book, as well as this blog, are our contribution to that seeking.

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