Why Bother Growing Up?

A major reason why growing up is unappealing and difficult for most adults is because what we mean by “growing up” is not clear.  Up until now, a conceptual framework for growing up as adults has not existed – at least, not one that is not incredibly complex and confusing.  Most adults assume that they are grown up – or at least as grown up as they are ever going to be.  They do not realize that they are spending a large part of their lives and their life energy in what we call an “Adapted Child” ego state or level of functioning.  In our work, we define growing up as understanding and moving out of Adapted Child into a Functional Adult ego state.

In our next post, we will begin by reviewing the more commonly understood concept of the Wounded Child and then explain its relationship to the crucial additional concepts of Adapted Child and Functional Adult.  An understanding of these simple, yet fundamental, concepts leads to a clarity that is currently lacking in our culture and our society about the nature of being a true grown-up.

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  1. Suzanne Mariner says:

    Congratulations on a great start! Looking forward to the next “installment!”

  2. Rebecca Leonard says:

    Really like how clear the copy is — easy to understand. Also the header @ the top is really a positive reflection of the wonderful things you all do at the Relationship Resource Center. The visual is nice and clean. Thank you.


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